Blind Cleaning Edmonton

Blinds not only give a great appearance to your windows, but they also act as filters against many pollutants. Apart from filtering out harsh sunlight, blinds also filter out dust, smoke and mold spores. In some cases, blinds can also absorb odors like nicotine and cooking aromas. 

Moreover, blinds if not cleaned well for a while can also gather microbes on their surface including cold and flu viruses.

This is why you need experts in blind cleaning in Edmonton, who can clean your blinds thoroughly and sanitize them.

The Home Repairer prides itself on its high standards and competitive rates when it comes to blind repairs, installation and blind cleaning in Edmonton.

We use the ultrasonic blind cleaning process.
Here’s how it works.

Ultrasound energy is generated from ultrasound. These are sound waves operating at a very high speed. This method is similar to the one used by jewellers and dentists to clean jewellery and instruments.

The sound waves cause something called cavitations. Cavitations are nothing but the rapid formation and collapse of bubbles in a liquid that has a fast scrubbing impact. The process is not only gentle on the blinds but it also cleans the fabric cords and ladders effectively.Benefits of Ultrasonic Blinds Cleaning

  • It works with all types and styles of blinds
  • It actually prolongs the life of your blinds, ultimately saving money
  • It is eco-friendly because it doesn’t use any harsh chemicals and solvents
  • It is one of the quickest and safest blinds cleaning methods around

The Home Repairer uses a cleaning method that ensures that you get the most sparkling, streak-free results. Our team uses the most eco-friendly products to clean all types of blinds.

Cleaning blinds is a time consuming and tedious job, especially if you have tried cleaning vertical blinds. Whether your blinds are made of plastic, fabric or any other materials, we will give them a thorough cleanse so that the overall appearance of your home and office livens up.

Often it is the little things around the house or office that really add up when you haven’t cleaned them in a while.

Know your Blinds

Before you set up an appointment, find out what make your blinds are. Window blind manufacturers usually create instructions on cleaning and safety tips.

Regular cleaning is important for having a safe, clean home environment and also extends the life of the blinds.

As you can guess, the cleaning process varies from brand to brand and depends on the material of the blinds. If your blinds are heavily soiled, then these demand extra care and attention.

Blind Cleaning

It may seem like window blinds are the easier item to clean around a house and office. However, it is not as simple as it seems and a quick wipe with a sponge will not do the trick. The Home Repairer not only cleans your blinds thoroughly, we sanitize them too.

It is worth the investment especially if you want to avoid seasonal allergies or infections.

How often should you clean your blinds?

The longer you wait, the more the build up of dirt and stains. Due to sunlight, the dirt and stains can bond with the blinds, causing long-term damage.

Some factors that cause blinds to get dirtier more often. If you have kids or pets in the house, or if you have a fireplace, if you burn candles frequently or if you live by the water, your window blinds will be more prone to get soiled.

It is highly recommended to get your blinds cleaned professionally at least once a year.

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