Blind Repair Edmonton

We undertake all types of blinds repair in Edmonton. Whether it is Vertical Blind Repair, Venetian Blind Repair, Levolor Blinds Repair, Hunter Douglas Blinds Repair or any other specific blind repair requirement. We cater to each need of our clients with the utmost professionalism and at the most cost-effective rates.

If you have broken blinds because of wear and tear, weather damage or pet destruction, your blinds may be in for some TLC. But that doesn’t mean you need to throw them out. Get in touch with the experts at The Home Repairer.

In your house or your office, a broken blind is a cause for concern. Not only is it frustrating to be unable to use the blind but it is aesthetically also unappealing. For one, you can’t adjust the amount of light you desire. The adequate amount of light can make all the difference to your surroundings. Function blinds are paramount to a functional home or an office.

You might be wondering why you should repair blinds instead of replacing them?

Well, there are many arguments in favour of blind repair:

Cost effective: Fixing your existing blinds is much cheaper than buying brand new blinds.
Speed and convenience: Selecting and purchasing new blinds is a time-consuming process. However, with the right blind repair service in Edmonton, repairing is just a matter of a few hours.

Better for the environment: Repairing your existing blinds keeps them out of the landfills.

But blind repair service needs to be reliable, affordable, experienced and provide quick service.

So, how do you find a good and affordable Blind repair service in Edmonton?

Do your homework.

Understand what type of blinds you have? If the blinds are vertical or horizontal.

Make sure you know the manufacturer of the blinds.

Find out what’s the typical estimate for repairing the blinds in Edmonton.

About our Blind repair service

The Home Repairer is a trusted blind repair service in Edmonton with expertise and many years of experience. We offer blind repairs for Hunter Douglas, Vertical Blinds Repair, Venetian Blinds, Levolor Blinds Repair, Hunter Douglas Blinds Repair and many others. Our motto is to provide prompt, top-notch service at an affordable rate and repair your blinds as quickly as we can.

We also offer pickup and drop-off service for our Blind Repairs. However, we do appreciate if you can drop the blinds off for repairs in our regular business hours.

At The Home Repairers, our blind repair services include recording, wand replacement, slat replacement, headrail repairs, cord-lock replacement, resizing and many more.

We understand that blinds and blinds repair are complicated and this is why we work with you to provide the best solution and answer your queries. In case, your blinds are broken beyond repair, we will suggest the best alternative too.

Here are some reasons to select The Home Repairers Blind Repair Service in Edmonton


We have a wide experience in fixing and repairing blinds of all types – from vintage to modern. Our technicians are the best in the industry and our experience enables us to suggest and achieve any specialty installations and repairs.


Our blinds repair technicians are updated with the latest in blinds. They receive ongoing training sessions to provide the best solutions for all types of blind problems.


While our work is top-notch and high quality, our rates are quite affordable.

So, why delay? A stitch in time saves nine. Contact us today for a quote on your blind repair needs.

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