Cellular Blinds

Cellular blinds are also known as cellular shades or honeycomb shades.  They are another popular window treatments. They are versatile, energy efficient and attractive looking. 

Many customers confuse cellular blinds with pleated shades. There is a difference. Cellular shades are made from two different pieces of material . The front and back sections of cellular blinds are open in the middle to create a sort of pocket. This provides insulation. When buying cellular shades, consider the cell sizes. 

One of the biggest advantages of cellular shades is that they keep your home cool in the summer and warm during winter months. 

While other window shades roll up or fold up, cellular shades simply fold up along the pleats. One can choose from a variety of pleat sizes, colours and light control options. Cellular shades also provide great insulation from noise.

There are many factors to consider when buying Cellular Shades:

Typically, cellular shades are available in two varieties: single cell(one air pocket) or double(two air pockets). Buyers must consider temperature extremes that they live with before making the selection. Double cell shades are costlier than single cell but they work extremely well for extreme winters or summers owing to the greater degree of insulation they provide. 

In the longer term, you end up saving on heating and cooling costs. However, if you live in moderate environments, even single cell cellular shades will do.


Opacity means the amount of life that is allowed through a given material. With window treatments like cellular shades, there are four options: sheer, semi-sheer, semi opaque and opaque. Cellular shades are one of the few window coverings that offer all four opacities.

If you want more natural light then choose sheer cellular shades, if you want room darkening or complete blackout then opt for opaque cellular shades and so on. In fact, blackout cellular shades or opaque cellular shades are one of the most popular choices for darkening the room.

There are three options when you shop for cellular shades: top down bottom up, motorized and cordless. Top down bottom up cellular shades are the best option for bathrooms or other rooms where you need more privacy but also want to open the shade to allow natural light.
Cordless cellular shades eliminate the need for cords and are the safest to have if you have kids or pets around. Motorized cellular shades allow you to operate the shades with a remote control.
One other factor that buyers must pay attention to while shopping is the pleat sizes.
Whatever type of cellular shades you may pick, remember that The Home Repairer provides excellent repair, cleaning and installation service when it comes to blinds of any type. Often, cellular shades break or the strings wear out due to overuse, damage or accidents. It is possible to repair and restring cellular shades and you don’t replace the blinds in such a scenario.
As a preventive practice, you must clean your cellular shades regularly. Either vacuum or dust your honeycomb shades when you are cleaning your home and give a gentle wipe to remove stains. The better you care for your blinds, the longer their life-span.

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