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Unclean blinds can be the source of your allergies. SOme of the most common allergic reactions that people suffer from are caused by dust and mold spores. Unfortunately, using a duster is not a good solution as it only pushes the dush further into hte crevices of the blinds or into the air. At The Home Repairers we use the latest Ultrasonic technology to eliminate dust and mold spores, carefully trapping and extracting them from your blinds with our state-of-the-art technique.  We also remove all dirt particles and sterilize your blinds so that your windows are free of these irritants and harmful contaminants.

Consider giving them a good service instead of replacing them. The Home Repairers Blind Cleaning and Blind Repairing service in Edmonton can rejuvenate your old blinds and make them shine like new. 

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