Levolor blinds

Levolor blinds from the famous Levolor Window Fashions make some of the most popular window blinds and shades, stock blinds and shades. 

In fact, the Levolor Window Fashions company is widely considered to be one of the best window coverings companies.

Levolor blinds have unmatched quality and service and all their products are created for optimum comfort and convenience. Both the control over lighting and privacy are important criteria for Levolor Blinds. 

Levolor blinds,shades and shutters are available in a variety of materials and custom-made options. The company has a 100-year old history of manufacturing blinds and they have brought precision and standardization to the process of blinds manufacturing.

The makers of Levolor blinds are the pioneers in everything – energy efficient designs to motorized operations. Each Levolor product has a limited lifetime warranty.

Levolor provides a wide range of window coverings including:

  • Cellular Shades
  • Sheer Shadings
  • Real Wood Blinds 
  • Mark 1 Metal Blinds
  • Roller Shades
  • Solar Shades
  • Natural Shades
  • Soft Vertical Blinds
  • Riviera Metal Blinds
  • Banded Shades
  • Faux Wood Blinds
  • Roman Shades
  • Panel Track Shades
  • Shutters

Whether it is Levolor Blinds installation, repair or cleaning, The Home Repairer has extensive experience in servicing our clients’ Levolor blinds.

Since Levolor makes blinds, shades and shutters, many customers want to know the difference between the three. 

Blinds are slatted in design and generally made of harder materials like wood, faux wood, vinyl or aluminum. Whereas shades are designed from software materials like fabrics and have less control over light levels than blinds. Shutters have a similar construction to blinds but they are built in a solid frame and can’t be raised or lowered.

Levolor Blinds are a good option if one is considering automated blinds installation for a smarter home. You can control your blinds using an app on your phone and you can save more on energy.

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